Lords of Shadowtree

100th Pkaytest Approaching

We are almost there folks. With 65 happening this week, we are well on our way. Thank you so much for all your support in helping see this through. Hope to finish this spring with all testing and launch in the summer or fall. Keep up to date here or on our facebook page.


Join us at GENCON 50 in the playtest hall.

Lords of Shadowtree

LoS is an adventure strategy board game set in the dark fantasy world of Shadowtree. For 4-8 players can participate, ages 14 and up, with a moderate learning curve. Players build kingdoms, amass spells, or quest for Items and companions to increase their strength. As hordes of monsters overwhelm the lands, players might be forced to form alliances or charge into battle alone. Though be wary, as each player plots their own way to victory.

Gameplay Basics

To win in the game: players claim a majority of land tiles or kill all other players, whichever is achieved first. This can be done cooperatively or competitively. If players go through all the quest cards then the game ends and no one wins. If monsters kill all the players, the game wins.

  1. Setup starts with a player receiving the Rulership token, choosing their player token, army and claim color. (We hope to have actual miniature pieces instead of tokens.) The Rulership token denotes a player's responsibility in making sure all phases are dealt with in order, all participated, and to settle any impasses that come up when players cannot come to an agreement.
  2. After this, players take turns placing tiles to create the board. There are four types of tiles: plains, hills, swamps, and mountains. There are also forests to place on the tiles. This ensure each mapboard is different each game (We are also hoping for 3D pieces to add an actual terrain effect to the board.)
  3. Next, the Quest deck is created. It consists of three types of quests: monsters, magical items, and companions. They are shuffled together This is the second factor in making a game unique from a previous game.
  4. Finally, spells, and strength tokens are set aside or delegated to other players for management. This ends setup...

    Some simple guidelines for fun play... 
    1. When an action is announced, it cannot be taken back. If a player says they are attacking a monster, they cannot back out.
    2. When a card is played, it cannot be picked back up. Once set down, it is played.
    3. Once a player removes their fingers from a token, it cannot be taken back. It has been moved and is done.
    4. There are cards and things that can break these rules, so read and think.
  5. Gameplay is divided up into four phases. Each player participates in these phases a turn at a time.  

Phase 1: Strategy - Player decide what action they will take and then carry them out. The actions are: move (gain a quest), amass spells, claim a land, and heal.

Phase 2: Conflict - Here players hash out how things work out. If two or more players met in a land or on a road, or ocean space, they could battle. Players not in combat can go on a quest they drew when they moved or trade with another player in their land.

Phase 4: Monster - Monsters not slain from a quest may get to attack the lands now. Each monster has different things they look for when attacking. These attacking conditions are at the bottom of each monster quest card. They usually attack players who has the most to lose.

Phase 5: Upkeep - Last, played cards are returned to a player's hand or the quest queue. Armies are managed. Quests are also managed with Monster healing, combining if the same, or hoarding an item. Items gain a companion as owner or are taken by a monster if not already done. At the end of this, the Rulership token is passed on and players then start back with phase 1 and repeat until one of the winning objectives if complete.

That is it. More to come soon.